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  • Impact

    The IMPACT tire features a dense small square lug pattern with offset lug rows in the center of the tire to deliver maximum forward traction and good wear characteristics. The two outer rows of lugs are parallel to create a circumferential groove at the edge of the tire to give the tire very predicable side bite. This allows the car to rotate in the center of the turn while still feeling very stable and predictable. The IMPACT is built on AKA's latest carcass design featured on our ENDURO and WISHBONE tires.

  • Gridiron 2

    The Gridiron II has been updated with the World Championship winning carcass borrowed from the Impact tire. Waffle ribbing has been added to help control tire expansion and the side pins are angled for better performance on rougher tracks. The tire is 5% lighter than the original, improving acceleration and all-around performance.

  • I-Beam

    The I-BEAM is designed for traditional tracks with a little bit of loose dirt. The larger lugs allow the tire to dig deep for maximum traction when it is needed the most. The center cross split bars give good forward bite and when used on the rear allow the car to rotate better in the turns when this is desired.

  • Zipps

    The ZIPPS tire has been designed with durability and stability in mind for today's high wear and high grip tracks.  The ZIPPS features a very dense symmetrical block tread pattern with a center staggered rib.  The dense block pattern puts as much rubber on track as possible while still allowing dust to clear from the tire patch.  This enables superior wear and stability while remaining controllable off line in the dust.  The center rib decreases rolling resistance on the straights and creates a very stable platform in the center of the tire.  We have also updated our block design to allow for more deflection.  This allows the block to flex a bit more front to rear to gain forward bite while still remaining stable side to side.

  • Double Down

    The 2016 World Championship winning Double Down tire has been designed to fit between the Impact and the Zipp when you have a slightly dusty surface, but you need better wear characteristics due to an abrasive surface or a surface that is polished and creates lots of wheel spin.  The pin size and spacing has been adjusted to give more room for dust to clear the tread pattern yet still have the pin density across the carcass to give it great wear characteristics.

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